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Whatsapp Clone Flutter has been out for quite a while and the team has been very active (both technical-wise and promo-wise). As a frontend developer who is always interested in trying out cross-platform stuff, I give Flutter a go. This Whatsapp Clone Flutter program has been published by Jkard Web Development.

Hacking through some tutorials here and there flutter, I decided to play around with it through a small project. I want to know what would it be like if I were to use Whatsapp Flutter to build an app with production-level design requirement, not a mere example app. Also, to do it in step-by-step manner, I decided to focus on the putting up the layout first, before diving into the app’s state management such as using BLOC pattern, inheritedModel, etc. Lastly, I want this project to be worth sharing, so eventually I picked an app to clone for which I believe there would be a large audience with shared experience — WhatsApp.

Original price was: ₹54,999.00.Current price is: ₹49,999.00.
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