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Whatsapp Clone Android Source Code  in this age of social networking has made WhatsApp the most famous messenger in the world. So you can launch a chat app like WhatsApp to take advantage of its success. This Android Whatsapp clone program has been developed by Jkard Web Development.

This Whatsapp Clones Android Source Code script is completely sensitive and offers an outstanding user interface and smooth navigation interaction that provides a better user experience.

Jkard Web Development solutions we develop are integrated with all-inclusive features such as user registration, management of accounts, development, and management of groups, message broadcast, file sharing, push notification, and many more. Whatsapp Clone Android Source Code privacy setting for the display image, status, last seen change, etc. can be managed by users.

Original price was: ₹54,999.00.Current price is: ₹49,999.00.
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