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When developing an app, it’s essential to keep the interface instinctive since no one likes experiencing too many steps or guides to access a feature. The same goes for app functionality.

video editing app development

So, it’s a good idea to begin with the MVP version, where you let users first get familiar with the app. Once they are accustomed, consider their inputs and feedback. This way, you will gain better insight into the features that your TG prefers, and this will help boost the overall success of your app.

Some examples of the innovative features that mobile app developers can implement include:

  • Adding audio effects or tracks.
  • Merging several files into one (both videos and photos).
  • Trimming down the video or adding frames.
  • Extended edits (exposition, saturation, contrast, temperature, tints, shades, etc.).
  • Editing while recording with special effects, filters, and textures.
  • Social media share features.
  • Saving video in multiple formats.
  • face filters, features, effects, geotags, etc, to let users and business profiles use them more efficiently.

These features can help you attract and engage user base also leading to higher user acquisition and retention.

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