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Saints Row was called a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Clone when it first released. It has become so much more in the 15 years since the first game launched. Saints Row GTA Clone has been developed by Jkard Web Development.

Both Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto are open-world crime games that satirize American urban lives and the glamorization of criminal behavior. It’s very obvious that one took inspiration from the other to the extent that most reviews of the first Saints Row game mention Grand Theft Auto.

Saints Row’s developers have continuously pushed the game farther from its roots by taking inspiration from different sources, as Saints Row has become far weirder and chaotic than GTA. While Saints Row is still an open-world crime game, the most recent entries in the series have changed the story, characters, setting, and aesthetic to the point where even the most casual player would never mistake a Saints Row game for a Grand Theft Auto game.

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