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How To Make A Survival Game In Unity Do you want to create a professional looking horror survival game in Unity? Well you’ve found the right course. This is aimed at anybody who loves survival game design and wants to make awesome games. This Survival game with Unity program has been developed by Jkard Web Development.

How To Make A Survival Games In Unity :-

Servival game In this series we will be making a game where your first person character has to try and survive against a gang of maniacs, armed with Unity a variety of weapons.

You don’t need previous experience as I will be guiding you through the course step by step, showing you how to make the game and to write the code using C#. I will be giving you interesting assignments throughout to build your experience and knowledge in game design.

You will need a powerful computer to complete this Survival project, so please ensure your computer meets the minimum specifications as displayed on the course home page in Unity.

Original price was: ₹59,999.00.Current price is: ₹18,999.00.
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