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Document Scanning Algorithm Different players in the Biometric industry will have different in-house built algorithms that handle various processes of converting Biometric Images into Biometric Data like BIR (Biometric Information Record) for archiving.

Document Scanning Algorithm  :-

The following steps are built into the algorithm.:-

  1. Check if Fingerprint Scanner is connected to Computer
  2. If Fingerprint Scanner is connected to Computer then prompt person to present Finger on Finger Scanner.
  3. Fingerprint Image is then Captured by Fingerprint Scanner.
  4. Fingerprint Sample is extracted from Captured Fingerprint Image.
  5. Fingerprint Sample is further processed for readiness of extracting Fingerprint Data.
  6. Fingerprint Minutiae is extracted from processed Fingerprint Sample.
  7. Fingerprint Minutiae Data is then saved into a BIR.
  8. It is this BIR you are referring to a Unique code.
  9. The BIR is then encrypted using Encryption Keys known to Biometrics Company Proprietor for Security and Data Privacy.
  10. The BIR is then archived to a Database, Smart Card, File or External resource somewhere for later retrieval of Authentication only.

Note: In Step 9 and 10 I mentioned that BIR is encrypted and saved for later retrieval for authentication only.

Algorithm is A common approach to solving problems like this is to train a deep neural network (DNN). DNNs are algorithms that take a large amount of labeled data and automatically learn to predict labels for new inputs. These have proved to be tremendously successful for a variety of computer vision applications, including image classification, image captioning, and face detection. However, DNNs are quite expensive, both in terms of computation time and memory usage. Therefore, they are usually difficult to deploy on mobile devices.


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