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A bowling alley (also known as a bowling center, bowling lounge, bowling arena, or historically bowling club) is a facility where the sport of bowling is played. Bowling alleys contain long and narrow synthetic or wooden lanes.[2] The number of lanes inside a bowling alley is variable. This app has been developed by Jkard Web Development.

With 116 lanes, the Inazawa Grand Bowl in Japan is the largest bowling alley in the world.[3] Before World War II, manual pinsetters were used at bowling alleys to set up the pins for ten-pin lanes. Modern ten-pin bowling alleys have automatic mechanical pinsetters. Bowling alleys are predominantly used by families for recreation and are found worldwide, often in suburban shopping centers and urban areas.

 (Bowls & Bowling)
(Bowls & Bowling) a building having several lanes for tenpin bowling.

Modern bowling alleys usually offer other games (often billiard tables, darts and arcade games) and may serve food or beverages, usually via vending machines or an integrated bar or restaurant.

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