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Family fun is guaranteed when it comes to Ball Runner Game.Ball runner game has been developed by Jkard Web Development. Have fun with this free ball runner game endless run about a ball!
Take control ball of your sphere and run fast! Dodge green blocks, destroy yellows and don’t touch reds!

Based upon the same gaming principles found on the midway, this ball runners game combines both mechanical and digital features to make for an enjoyably unique player experience. The playfield consists of a row of balls that can be slid by the player from the bottom to the top. At the back of the game is a grid of bright squares, with round targets located at the bottom of each row.

When the ball game begins, the round targets will light up green at random, keeping the player on their toes; All the player has to do is slide the balls along the runners up the play field to hit those lit targets to score points. As you hit the targets, the square above turns blue. The more points you score, the more tickets you win; turn the screen blue and win the ticket bonus! It really is that simple!

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