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Android Wallpaper App Source Code Github contains a number of categories for wallpapers & backgrounds which you can choose from according to your need and choice. Each category contains a number of Full HD images which you can use as your phone’s wallpaper. Android Wallpaper App Source Code Github has been developed by Jkard Web Development.

You can view any wallpaper beforehand to see how it will look on your phone’s screen. You can set it instantly without even downloading. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you cannot download it – You can also download your wallpaper of choice as and when you want. You can also share any wallpaper via social media to your friends and mates.

The wallpaper Android app we will be creating will contain a vertical scrolling RecyclerView. This RecyclerView will contain a list of cards for the each wallpaper. The wallpaper card will show an image of the wallpaper and a title underneath. When the wallpaper card image is selected, it will set the wallpaper on the device to the image selected.

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