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Do you really want to beware of obstacles? Save Fish Game : Rising Star 2021 is a very simple but interesting balloon and obstacles game, you have to save the balloon with various dodging interruptions. Be careful to avoid obstacles and make score to the top. This game is very easy to play, but very hard to become master of Balloon Protect : Rising Star 2021.Swing and move shield with finger to protect your balloon while it is rise up(pop). Save Fish Game Rising Star 2021 literally the escape move of your finger. Clear all obstacles in your way to protect your balloon and rise up as high as possible. You will get various crazy obstacles shapes in the levels but be smart and keep moving upwards as long as possible.Save Fish  : Rising Star 2021 is a best new game in the world.Google play game service is also available in Balloon Protect : Rising Star 2021 and you can see very easily best score world wide.Save Fish Game : Rising Star 2021 is a balloon popping game with various colourful background graphics.
Once you start this balloon wala game you can’t stop playing.a app to make games

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